The Best Teacher Ever

I recently saw this thing on Facebook “The High School Teacher Who Inspired Me.” It got me to thinking about the teachers I’ve had and there’s one that really left the biggest impact on me. 

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you know what PALS is and how much I love it. But to refresh or memory, or to tell newbies, PALS stands for Peer Assistant Leadership Skills. It’s a program—that’s very hard to get into by the way—that gives you leadership skills and communication skills and how to trust people. Something that’s always been difficult for me. 

My PALS teacher went from just another teacher to my second mother. She was (and still is) there for me when I’m down. Or when I just need someone to talk to. During lunch I would sit in her classroom, for three reasons. One, I had her class after lunch anyway. Two, I didn’t really go to the cafeteria. And three, it was just so much fun. I would catch up on sleep, help staple stuff to the walls, talk, read, do work from other classes. 

Looking back on my high school experience, I don’t know where I’d be without that class and her help. She challenged me, helped me, and made me feel good about myself. She taught me that it was okay to be weird/different. That I wasn’t crazy for not trusting people right off the bat. That I was a good person and that we all had issues. 

So this one’s for you! And if y’all have a teacher that helped(s) you, let them know. It’ll make their day. 


Do We Ever Really Have Closure?

Closure. Something that we all want after something happens. Someone passes, someone leaves, that sort of thing. It’s something we want when we don’t understand the reason why something happened. 

I’ve gotten closure on certain things. But something I don’t think I’ll ever understand is why my Mawmaw (my dad’s mom) passed away. She passed on September 8, 2013. We weren’t close, but I miss her. 

I also don’t have closure on someone else that passed away. She was my senior English teacher. She passed away just this past Christmas. It was so sudden for me, because I didn’t know she was sick. So when I saw it on Facebook, I fell apart. 

For me, God has helped me deal with these losses. I miss both of these ladies so much. I’ve been remembering them recently, so it’s been a little difficult. 

But death isn’t the only time people need closure, like I mentioned. You could also need closure when someone, a friend, parent, someone walks out of your life for no reason and you want answers. And again, God has helped me realize that the people that have left my life, didn’t deserve to be apart of it. 

On one hand, I’m glad. But on the other, I sometimes wish they could’ve been part of it. And that everything worked out for the best. But everything happens for a reason, and while we can search for that reason in closure, we don’t always need to know. 

Let’s say, you tracked someone down, and asked them the questions and they gave some answers. But you don’t feel like you thought you would. Upset, happy, unsure. Then you come up with a lot more questions. So do we ever really get closure on things? We learn to deal but do we ever fully let go?

Till next time!

How To Deal With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You know that feeling you get sometimes? The one in the pit of your stomach, telling you that something’s wrong, you feel nauseous, you start to have short breaths, and become insanely hot?

That’s a panic/anxiety attack.

In my experience, if I talk to someone and/or busy myself with something, I’ll slowly get better. But sometimes it doesn’t work and I have to ride it out for an hour or so.

One time at a job I used to have, one of the managers was leaving because she found a better job. Which was great, but her and one other employee were the only ones nice to me there. And since they both had left, I got so worked up and scared about the whole thing.

My panic attack was so bad, I had to step outside to calm down. I started calling people, so I could talk it out. But everyone was busy. And one person I called and hasn’t answered, called back, but by this time I was already back at work. So I text her and she helped me through it.

I was too afraid to tell my mom about these attacks I occasionally got, because I’d been having them that whole week because of school, college, etc. And when I finally did tell my mom, she said to me, “You need to tell me when you feel like this. Just take things one day at a time.”

So talk to someone about your anxiety if you have it. Because it really does help. Even if it’s your teacher or friend, just talk to someone. And hopefully, you get better. I currently don’t have that job anymore and a lot of my anxiety has gone away. So try cutting certain things or people out of your life and it’ll get better.

Love yall!


So I kind of touched on this a while back but I wanna get into the nuts and bolts of it, because I’m doing a research paper on why we should have federal government laws for it and I’ve already found some pretty interesting stuff.

Did you know that things like harassment is illegal? Yeah, it’s illegal. And who is called when harassment happens? No one. Because everyone is so used to bullying and some argue that it “builds character” or “is normal” but kids are ditching school and harming themselves because of all the bullying.

I was bullied growing up. I wore glasses as a kid and everyone else didn’t. I was the only ginger and so everyone thought I had no soul. During nap time in kindergarten, someone cut my skirt and part of my hair while I slept.

I also have a lazy eye. And that was the main thing I got made fun of for. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing in the whole wide world. I’ve had two surgeries to fix it and no luck. I still have a lazy eye to this day.

My point is, bullying needs to be stopped. Kids shouldn’t have to feel the pain of getting bullied. No matter if it’s every day or just every now and then. Nothing good comes from bullying.

So please if you see someone getting bullied, say something. It sounds so cheesy, but how else are we gonna stop bullying if no one does anything about it? It’s a more serious issue than we can admit to ourselves.

See y’all soon!


I’m Back!

Before I get into the blog, I just wanted to apologize for not posting. I just slowly forgot and had lots of stuff to deal with. It’s no excuse, but I’m gonna be better. Or at least try. And the topic I want to address right now, is anorexia.

Anorexia and bulimia are the two major eating disorders that are continuing to consume teenage girls. Sometimes, they die from it.

Everyone is so concerned on how they look. And that’s magazines’ faults. They portray a “picture perfect” girl and every girl is like, “I wanna be that!” So they starve themselves in hopes of being like a magazine cover.

Now I’m not anorexic, but I do struggle on eating. Some days, I feel like I can’t eat because I’ll gain 10 pounds. I’ve had so many people comment on my weight before, I just broke. Some days, I won’t eat a thing. Other days, I’ll eat a bowl of cereal or something kind of small, but kind of filling.

My point is, there’s so much pressure on us looking perfect, that we take drastic measures to get there. And we shouldn’t. We should love ourselves for who we are. Easier said than done, I know, but we’re probably not as bad as we make ourselves believe.

So if you’re struggling with any form of disorder or insecurities or know someone who is, read this and try to overcome it. We’ll do it together!

I’ll see y’all next week!


Society Today

I’m sure that most of us have those parents who are very old schooled. The ones who always start their argument with, “Well, back in my day…” They had it better than us, let’s face it.

They could roam around the neighborhoods without a care in the world while we have to make sure we look intimidating so we don’t get kidnapped. Times have changed so much and I hate it. I’d love to go for a walk by myself, but my mom is so convinced that I’ll get kidnapped.

They also knew everyone easily and weren’t afraid of much. We are always on the tips of our toes and meet people online. Which isn’t always safe, but isn’t always dangerous either.

We are spiraling everywhere with technology. It’s the main thing corrupting us, even though it helps us. What we need to do is come to our senses and be sensible. Try and stop crime. So future generations can be like our parents generation.

Don’t Bottle Things Up

Bottling things up doesn’t help when you’re sad. Like at all. Trust me I know. And sometimes it’s hard to let it all out because you don’t know how or you’re afraid of the reactions you’ll get.

But by keeping it all inside, you put your health at risk, your mental and physical condition at risk, and where your closest people are at risk, because if you explode on them, there’s no telling what will happen.

For example, my mom exploded on the whole family a few years back–I refer to as “The Era”–and it caused a bunch of chaos. Granted, she didn’t have the best life, but she didn’t handle situations well back then. And it really hurt our family.

I’m not saying go on a rampage like my mom did. (Who is so much better and she’s my heart and soul) I’m saying cry when you need to, say what you need to say. It’s easier said than done, but once you do it, a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders and you’ll be happy and healthy.

See you next week! #SpreadLoveAlways